Sold Out

For many of us, it's really heating up out there. While we all love the summer sunshine, we all really don't like it when we're sizzling in it. From getting sunburns to just trying to be productive when it's hot out, to putting those leggings with pockets or warm fleece in to the back of your closet, the warm weather can be a bummer if you're not fully prepared.

We've got you covered (literally). Here are the Cute Booty warm weather hacks you've been waiting for.

Put on some booty shorts

Yes, we know that it is always leggings season. But sometimes, leggings just aren't an option when it's super boiling outside. Your booty still needs to look cute, so put on some sexy shorts and you'll be all ready for the sun.

These psycho snake women's booty shorts are the perfect comb of cool and cute that you've been searching for.

Freeze a sponge

Got a car washing sponge or a dish washing sponge lying around? You've got a built in air conditioner. Soak the sponge in water, and then put it into a plastic bag. Let it freeze in your freezer, and then take it out when you really need some hot weather relief. Put it on your forehead, your wrists, or wherever you need to cool down. You won't get all wet either, because the sponge will just absorb the water that might have gotten everywhere.

Dryer sheets to the rescue

You know that during the summer, you tend to sweat a little (okay, maybe a lot) more than usual. Leave dryer sheets around the house to wick up any sweaty smells that might be lingering around. Add them to your air conditioner vents, leave them inside of your shoes, attach them to your fan - no smells for you.

Create a makeshift A/C

For those of us who don't have an air conditioning unit, you can actually make your own. It might not be as high powered as a traditional A/C, but it beats the heat in a pinch.

Get yourself a five gallon bucket. Add PVC to the edges, and then fill it up with water and ice. Then, point a fan at the top of the bucket. It will blow icy air throughout the area. There you have it - makeshift air conditioner.

Peppermint toner

Having a mister in general is a nice way to spritz yourself with some relief from the heat, but adding a little bit of peppermint extract to the spray bottle is a huge life hack. When you can't take the weather anymore, give yourself a good mist. The peppermint will create a cooling sensation on your skin.

Freeze lemons

Your drinks might be cold, but are they cold enough? Freeze some lemon slices, and keep them on hand when you need to freshen up a drink. It's basically ice, but more fun.

Put your beauty products in the fridge

When it's hot outside, we don't always think about our makeup (the makeup that's not on our face already, that is.) You can put your beauty products in the fridge to cool them. When you do, and when you put them on, they'll give you a nice dose of relief. The cold can also help to reduce the visibility of pores, and calm down redness.

For your hair

Mostly everyone's hair can use some help in the summer. To get that frizz calmed down, mix up some avocado and olive oil. Add it to your hair, let it soak it up, then take a shower. It should be smoothed out and ready to go.

Use a pillow insert

If you're trying to sleep and can't seem to chill out, add a cold insert to your pillow. Cooling down your head will help to cool down the rest of your body

And try out some more booty leggings...

If you're not into the snake booty, then you can get some neon nights booty shorts. The colors are funky and fun and ready for any summer occasion, especially hitting the gym or doing an outdoor workout. And of course, they've got the scrunch butt and the high rise elastic waistband that you know and love from our leggings.

Also, you can always have a super soaker fight. Or find a friend with a pool. Or stick to booty shorts. Or do all three - the possibilities this summer are endless.