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About Us

First and foremost we believe "CUTE" should never be sacrificed for COMFORT.

Host of TLC's 
Something Borrowed, Something New, Kelly Nishimoto is most widely known for her "Cute Booty" Pants and irresistible collections of Lounge Wear.

"Cute Booty" was a concept born in Kelly's garage in 2004. She was looking to make pants that embraced a woman's curves (particularly the booty) but that were still polished enough to wear out & about! Her signature? Luscious modal fabrics, ruched back seams, scrunchy booty pockets, large eyelets, & over sized satin bows!

Now with a full range of over a dozen styles, which come in classic and seasonal color options, Cute Booty enjoys an unrivaled position as the most comfortable and sexy all-purpose lounge pant there is.

In 2006 Cute Booty Lounge™ became its own business under Los Angeles designer Kelly Nishimoto's Design Studio and has since seen an astronomical growth in popularity with fun-loving, confident customers all over the world.

We pride ourselves in accessorizing the sexiest women on the planet and work with numerous sports, college, and professional clients in addition to our thousands of fabulous individual customers.

After 20 years, it's time for a fresh look!

Guilty Love Club™ is proud to be produced locally in Downtown Los Angeles. We pride ourselves in ethical business practices and amazing customer service!

Our Leggings can't help but attract. Once you've tried them, there's no going back!