Sold Out

Spandex, perms, miniskirts, high waists, and bold colors and styles all describe fashion in the 1980s. While leggings were technically introduced in earlier decades, we can thank the fashion gods for bringing them in full force and fully exposed by the late 1980s.

Show Me That Silhouette

The 80s were all about making a loud statement, with accessories like over-sized hoop earrings and high-waist belts. Men and women wore whatever they wore and proudly, with wild outfits loaded up on jewelry — and all that hairspray. Oh, and don’t forget the lacy gloves courtesy of Madonna.

But that’s why we love the styles of the 1980s. People wore some pretty crazy ensembles. And they really loved to make sure the booty was hugged tight by awesome pieces like bicycle shorts, leggings, denim miniskirts, and form-fitting dresses.

The men were about it too, especially the tennis look. Who said the famous, “Who wears short shorts” Nair commercials were meant just for women?

What We Really Love About the 80s

Yes, it meant wearing shoulder pads for a period of time, but the 1980s meant a lot for women in the workplace. More women began enrolling in college in larger numbers, and entering industries and positions traditionally held by men.

At Cute Booty, we’re all about equality — whether it’s a woman who wants to start her own fashion line of leggings, or if there are men who want to wear them.

And with that, we’ll leave you with these awesome booty shots of Jennifer Fields in Flashdance’s “What A Feeling” …

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