Sold Out

Don't lie. You'll find any excuse out there not to work out (guilty as charged!) You're feeling tired. You're not at the gym. You don't have equipment.

But. When you get acquainted with these workouts, your excuses are going to dwindle. Because you can do them any time, any place. Stuck in a waiting room? You can do 'em. In line at the grocery store? Time to work out.

We're not being serious, but we're kind of being serious.

Body Weight Squats

We can't love booties as much as we love booties and not mention the body weight squat when talking about workouts without exercise equipment. You know what you need to do. Drop a few squats no matter where you are for some serious booty gain.

Bear Plank to Push up Plank

A what to a what? We've included a video in this one for you to see what we're talking about. It's a combo of planks and pushups, all wrapped into one exercise that really makes you nail down your need to stay coordinated. We can literally feel the gains just look at this. Get out there and do it!

Spider Crawl

Alright, so you know a plank? You know a plank. Get into a plank.

Now, think of mountain climbers. (We aren't adding mountain climbers to this list because you already know about them.) Pretend you're doing a mountain climber, but instead of lifting your knee straight to your chest, extend it to the side of your body, bringing your knee to your elbow. Repeat that to sculpt your core to oblivion.

Frozen V-Sit

We call this one a frozen v-sit because it's a v-sit, where you freeze. Yes, it's as simple as that!

Lie on your back with your arms and your legs outstretched. Then, lift your arms and legs to the center to meet each other, so you're doing a v-sit. While you're extending both, freeze! Hold it for several seconds, and then release and repeat again. This is how you're gonna find that six pack that you've been looking for.


This enjoyably named workout is similar to a mountain climber yet again, but instead of alternating between each leg, you jump with both legs at once.

Start in a plank position, and then jump your feet to the outside of your hands while your glutes are lower than your knees, in squatting position. Repeat that!

Shoulder Taps

Yes, you tap your shoulder in this exercise. We like to think of it as giving yourself a pat on the back.

Get into that old tried and true plank position. Alternate between each arm, lifting to your shoulder and back down again. Try not to sway back and forth as you do this move, and always make sure your core is staying activated for the best results.

What are you favorite bodyweight exercises? We love them all.