Sold Out

All right. Ya already know that you're hot stuff. That's what it takes to have a hot girl summer - just be you and get out there. Boom. Hot girl summer. 

But, if you're a little hesitant to step out of your leggings, or even step out of your booty shorts and into a bikini, then we've got some tips that you might want to take note of.

Put on a one piece

Until it's leggings with pockets season again, we've got just a few swim suits left in stock, so snatch them up while you can. Gone are they days where wearing a once piece is thought of as old fashioned. You just need the right one piece - ones that are cut high at the sides help you look slimmed down.

Upside down triangle bikini

A popular TikTok hack right now is to invert your triangle bikini. Instead of looping it where you normally would around your neck, switch things up and loop the part that ties around your back around your neck instead.

It sounds crazy, but it actually works. It breathes new life into your swimsuit, and gives you coverage in different areas than it normally would. Try switching it up and seeing how you like the new look.

Wear them backwards

Yup, it's as simple as that. If you have a swimsuit bottom you like, but where you also want to give yourself a little cheekier bottom, then put that swim bottom on in reverse. You'll still be able to hold yourself in, but you'll have your part of a matching set ready to go, with the fit that you've been looking for.

Stick on breast lifts

We've said it before and we'll say it again: we think that you look fabulous no matter what kind of swimsuit you wear. But if you need to give yourself a little confidence boost, then there's nothing wrong with opting for a breast lift stickers. These stickers are great for when you're wearing a one piece that doesn't have bra support built in. No one will be the wiser, and you'll feel great about hitting that pool party.

Baby powder

We all know that baby powder is a magic life hack for a lot of things. But it's also a life hack by the pool. To stop your bikini bottoms from riding up, pat a little bit of baby powder onto your bum, and then spray with hair spray. Things will stay in place, so you don't have to worry about your wardrobe while you're trying to have fun in the sun. Throw some between your legs for that matter, too, so you can prevent yourself from getting the dreaded thigh chafe.

Try self tanner

Getting a tan sounds nice - if it were easy for all of us. Not only do some of us just not tan naturally, getting tan can, of course, cause skin damage. Because we still want a tan but aren't willing to sacrifice the health of our skin, self-tanner to the rescue.

Tanner skin can actually give the illusion of being thinner, which can help you to feel more confident in your swimsuit body (every body is a swimsuit body, no matter how thin it is.)

Sit up straight

In photos of yourself while you're sporting your swimsuit, make sure that you're sitting up as straight as you can. When you hump your shoulders over, it naturally causes your body to slouch in on itself. When you sit up straighter, it makes your tummy look flatter, which is something that we all wouldn't mind.

Wear a swim coverup and heels

You might have seen the hacks that say to wear heels while you're in your swimsuit - which doesn't always work if you're at the beach, and can sometimes feel too dressy. Change all that by pairing your heels up with a cute swim coverup, which will make it look like you're wearing a casual dress over your swimsuit, so the heels will fit in perfectly to the ensemble. 

Add booty shorts

Like we said, if you're not comfortable stepping out of your leggings and into a swimsuit just yet, there's no shame in the game! That's why we've got booty shorts at the ready for you. 

Throw these on over your swimsuit when you're lounging by the beach or on the sand. You can even put the matching top over your swimsuit so that, you know, you can be matching! Yep, even in your bikini, you'll be rocking some booty shorts made just to show off that cute booty.