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We know it seems basic, but your curves are a sign of vitality and fertility. Yep, the baby-making kind. While there are so many more reasons to embrace your rockin’ bod, here are three fun reasons you should be proud of your curves every day.

1. They Are Markers of Beauty

Throughout human history, a curvy butt, hip and thigh area have been known as markers of “beauty.” And much of that has to do with the fact that food hasn’t always been so abundant (and let’s take a moment to acknowledge that it still isn’t in many parts of the world). So a healthy, curvy body has been the favored body type for most of human history.

2. The Brain Super Likes Them

Our brain reacts to curves. This reaction is fairly primitive and has everything to do with point #1. In one John Hopkins study for example, men and women had more brain activity when viewing curvy, soft-edged shapes. Other studies have even found that curvy women trigger the same response area in the male brain as heroine and cocaine. (Cue the cheesy pick-up line.)

3. Humans Could Go Extinct Without Them

And last but opposite of least, the human species might’ve not made it without your awesome curves. First, with significant brain and skull growth hundreds of thousands of years ago, babies would’ve eventually killed women off during child birth if we hadn’t adapted with our wider, childbearing hips. Secondly, women’s hormones trigger larger fatty deposits around the butt and hips. These deposits are used as reserves for when a new mom is lactating.

So you could say that curves helped save a species.

If those aren’t reasons enough to be proud of your curves, read more about the evolution of the butt and you just might change your mind.

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