Sold Out

"Pull up your pants." The four words that so many of us have thought or maybe even said out loud during the saggy pant fad. You know, the fashion style when you can see more boxer than jeans, making the butt look more like a Picasso with bulges on either side of the waist band and a distorted shape. Yes … that's the saggy pant look.

Where’s the Butt?

We like butts, which is why we’re not big fans of the saggy pant, no matter what gender we’re talking about. It’s just human behavior to love a good butt. And when you got a mess of things happening around the booty, we just can’t see if you have a good butt. No one wants this.

We are all butt gazers by nature. Think dog-to-dog butt sniffing but a little less intrusive of personal space. So when we can’t see your butt, it’s almost annoying. (Ok, maybe there’s an overall societal issue with etiquette and saggy pants, but you get our point here.)

Welcome to the Show

Historically, women more often than not are provided booty-focused fashion styles. While we’ll never see the absolute end of saggy jeans, we’re happy that men’s fashion styles have steered away from this far too loose style of clothing.

The male butt finally seems ready to step into the spotlight. Implants, booty enhancement underwear, and other products are now getting marketed to men too and not just women.

With more men wearing fitted jeans and even leggings, we are excited to welcome their booties into the mainstream with big, open arms — to fit all that booty, of course.

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